Personalgewinnung von Führungskräften und Spezialisten


We win the best managers and experts for our clients because we know who they need and why. Our client`s opinion is that we are experts in recruiting managers and experts who exploit their full potential in the new position, so they render optimal performance.




Professionelles Trennungsmanagement - Outplacement


We avoid law suits, reinforce the business culture and the image of our clients through our professional separation management. We also offer an outplacement program for affected executives in case of changes in the leadership structure of our clients.

M&A Transaktionsmanagement

M&A Transaction Management

Our clients profit from a project-specific master plan for the purchase or sale of a business. Our management audit services match the qualifications of executives with your corporate objectives and ensure their suitability for the job.

We put our focus on the individual.
In order to achieve excellent results for our clients, we match them with qualified candidates.

CHR Consulting has 25 years of market experience.